Denver Fringe Festival

Denver Fringe Festival
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 at 4:30pm

Discover the Unexpected

Join Us June 8-11, 2023

For The 4th Annual Fringe Festival In Denver 55 Shows At 12 Venues In Rino/Five Points

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JUNE 10, 2023

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater, 119 Park Avenue W

4:30 PM A Lady's Guide to Mountains
6:30 PM The Mourning Tree
7:30 PM   American Addict
9:15 PM   Un/dassica{eria)!

Fort Greene Bar, 321 E 45th Ave

4:30 & 6 PM Consultation with 1

Hope Tank, 1434 E 22nd Ave

2 to 7 PM every 20 min Taste the Rainbow - A Surrealist Ice Cream Shoppe

Immersive HQ, 142126th St

3 to 6 PM every 30 min Al Spy with My ChatGPT Eye
6,7&8PM Feels Like Yesterday

Mercury Cafe Ballroom, 2199 California St

530 PM  |ohnny|ane
7:00 PM  Grappling with the Truth
10:00 PM Don't In-FRINGE Upon My...

Mercury Cafe Jungle Room, 2199 California St

530 PM  |uls n' Lis Gown-Prov Comedy Show
7:00 PM  ******* in Church
8:00 PM The Play Grounds

Old Stem Ciders, 2811 Walnut St

3:30 PM  The Box of Chocolates Show
5:00 PM Travesty Hall: Live and In Your Face
6:30 PM TheYearofSluttery
930 PM The Box of Chocolates Show

RedLine Contemporary Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe 5t

6:00 PM Day of the Dead Daddy
7:30 PM   REJECT: Story-Telling, Commentary, Art and Comedy for a 21st Century Dystopia
9:00 PM Exhausted Paint: The Death of Van Gogh

RISE Comedy, T260 22nd St

6:00 PM FoMo - Formerly Mormon
7:00 PM  Word Search
8:00 PM FoMo - Formerly Mormon

River North Media, 3410 8lake St

3:30 PM  Silicon Soul
5:00 PM Just a Giant Cinderella
630 PM Sandy
8:00 PM Fare Thee Well
9:30 PM Mind Reader

The Savoy Oenver, 2700 Arapahoe St

330 PM Spontaneous Dance Party
5:00 PM ******! The Vaccine Musical
8:00 PM Tryptkh: A Shifting History of Inherent Femininity
9:30 PM  AndTotoToo

Savoy Flex, 2700 Arapahoe St *103

5:00 PM They Break Up at the End
6:30 PM Shoes
7:30 PM   I'll Be OK
8,9 & 10 PM Infected: An Immersive Horror Audio Drama
9:00 PM In Loving Memory

The Lodge at Woods Boss, 675 22nd St

8:00 PM Idiot Theatre
9:30 PM A Brush with Death - Presented by DeadRoom Comedy

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