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Lincoln County Fair

Lincoln County Fair
1600 Morgan Street

The Goals of the Lincoln County Fair

Lincoln County, being the second-largest wheat-producing county in the United States and a major producer of livestock, is very definitely an agriculture based county. It is the policy of this Fair Advisory Board, and those in county government, to coordinate, organize, and present to our residents the story of our agricultural communities.  The Lincoln County Fair continues to teach and show the way of life in our agriculture communities for the past 82 years.

Aims & Purposes

- To display the produce, animals, and crafts of children and adults of Lincoln County
- To assist in the sale of livestock and give the opportunity to learn by doing
- To keep telling the story of the productivity of our rural agricultural world to the public
- To involve more children and adults, regardless of where they live within Lincoln County, and surrounding areas
- To furnish educational and training opportunities in such areas as demonstrations, contests, and judging.

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