Clayton Community Fair

Clayton Community Fair

Friday, Aug 23, 2019 from 8:00am to 8:00pm


Schedule of Events

6:00 am to 8:00 am
Animal exhibits accepted as stated in this fair book.
Animal to be in place by 8:00am
Poultry & Rabbits all checked in on Thurs. night

7:30 am to 10:00 am: Breakfast served at Clayton Grange booth

8:00 am
Fair Exhibits Open
Opening Ceremonies

8:30am: Swine Market Classes
Rabbit Meat Pen weigh in front of judge
Benched Dogs to be checked in
Poultry Meat Pen Weigh In

9:00am - Barn meeting Poultry & Rabbits
Rabbit cage Conformation
Poultry Cage Conformation
Swine Fitting and Show—Breed Classes follow
Practice clinic starts

9:30am - Rabbit Meat pen judging

10:00 am - Poultry meat pen judging
Dairy Goat, Pygmy Goat, Market Goat
Fitting & Showing conformation to follow
Market meat pen judging
Horses -Jumping

10:30 am
Cats ready to show
The Heart Beats Dancers

11:00 am - Cat Fitting and Showing

11:30 am
Fitting & Showing, Beef Market
Conformation, Breed to follow

Noon - Royalty Interviews start

12:30 pm
Cat Conformation and Obedience
Poultry Conformation & Fitting & Showing

1:30 pm
Sheep Market Classes
Sheep Fitting and Show—Breed Classes follow

2:00 pm
K9 CGC test with Treibball demo to follow
Carrot eating contest in cage—Rabbits

3:30 pm - Cat Cage Judging

4:00 pm - Youth Horse show

4:30 pm
Cat Costume Judging
Rabbit agility course

5:00 pm - Fashion Revue

6:00 pm - Dogs Released

6:30 pm - Cat area cleanup with awards to follow

7:30 pm - Cats Released

8.00 pm -  Building closed