California Freethought Day Festival

California Freethought Day Festival
Sunday, Oct 9, 2022 from 11:00am to 5:30pm
California State Capitol

California Freethought Day celebrates science, free speech, social justice, and more... every year!

Encouraging freedom of speech and thought, civic engagement, enthusiasm for science, social justice, and the separation of church and state.

Schedule of Events:

Our main event is at the California State Capitol Building on the West Steps. The livestream of the event will start a few minutes before 12:00 noon. Links to the livestream will be sent to all registered guests prior to the event.

10:45 AM: Capitol Park Tour

If you've signed up for the free Capitol Park Tour, meet at our stage (West Steps) to gather with the others. At 10:50 AM, we'll walk you to the tour starting point.

11:00 AM: Exhibitor Tables and Early Registration

Arrive early and visit our sponsors, community groups, and other non-profit organizations.

Visit the Registration table to check-in and receive your free color program and any goodies you've paid for like a snack, button, t-shirt, or signed poster.

12:00 Noon: David Diskin
Opening Remarks

Our committee president will say a few words about this year's theme and introduce our emcee.

12:05 PM: Emery Emery
Emcee's Welcome

Stand-up comedian and award-winning podcaster Emery will set the mood as he welcomes our attendees and introduces everyone to the stage throughout the afternoon.

12:10 PM: Rep. Jimmy Gomez
US Representative to CA District 34

We'll be recognizing Jimmy for his efforts in advancing electric vehicles, affordable housing, and reproductive rights, assisting students in debt, and protecting employee unions while sharing our vision of a secular government.
The Representative regrets that he cannot be with us, but it is our intent to have one of his constituents read his acceptance speech.

12:20 PM: Brad Buchanan
Poet and Scholar

Brad's writings have been in more than 200 journals and his fourth book, Chimera, was just completed.

12:30 PM: Rev. Nancy Brink
Chaplain and Trustee

Nancy comes from Southern California where she teaches progressive Christianity to her students at Chapman University and serves as a trustee of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

1:00 PM: Break

Vist with our exhibitors or take a stroll around the park. Don't forget to visit our Freethinker Gallery and, if you're a Supporter, grab a snack and drink.

1:10 PM: Authors' and Podcasters' Panel

Moderated by Thomas Smith, our panel is a great way to learn about some new authors and podcasters or have your questions answered. Learn more.

1:45 PM: Scholarship Winners

Our winning students will be invited to take the stage and read their work. Learn more.

2:05 PM: Voices of Reason
Secular A Cappella Choir

From Los Angeles, the choir brings music and comedy to liven our afternoon with a focus on science, atheism, and secular rights. This will be the first half of their set.

2:20 PM: Kevon Cameron
Atheist, Activist, Podcast Host

Host of the Black Nonbelievers podcast, Kevon helped build a secular community in New York.

2:50 PM: Break

Say hello to Uncle Sam and try out a little juggling or stop by a few of our sponsor's tables during this extended break.

3:05 PM: Community Panel

Join us as we give the stage to a handful of local, regional, and national non-profit organizations so they can teach tell you about their important work.

3:15 PM: Community Awards

We'll first recognize Eugenie Scott for serving as the executive director of the National Center for Science Education for over twenty years, improving the teaching of evolution and climate change in the classroom and the courtroom.
Then we'll recognize Susan Gerbic for leading an army of editors to clean up and bolster Wikipedia articles related to secularism and skepticism and for leading a variety of sting operations on "psychics".

3:25 PM: Group Photo

Grab your banners and signs and gather up for our annual group photo.

3:35 PM: Break

This is the last break before we draw door prize winners, so complete your survey (found in the program) and turn it in at the registration table.

3:45 PM: Voices of Reason
Secular A Cappella Choir

From Los Angeles, the choir brings music and comedy to liven our afternoon with a focus on science, atheism, and secular rights. This will be the second half of their set.

4:00 PM: Nadya Dutchin
American Humanist Association

New in her role, Nadya is the Executive Director of the American Humanist Association after a decade of experience with other national non-profit organizations.

4:30 PM: Freethought Day Committee

After introducing those who make the day possible, we'll select the winners of our door prizes and give aways. Our committee will then take a moment to recognize those we've lost in the past year. Finally, we'll unveil this year's inductees to our Freethinker Gallery.

4:45 PM: Min. Chalice Blythe
The Satanic Temple

Not long after founding the Utah chapter of TST, she was ordained and directed the After School Satan Club while serving as their media relations specialist.

5:15 PM: Nancy Gonzalez
Poet, Activist, and Educator

A Chicana poet and public school teacher, Nancy's work has been featured in Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Justice among other anthologies and journals.

5:25 PM: Closing Words

David will return to the stage to give thanks and wish us well for another year.

Location: California State Capitol Building - West Steps

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